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Water Leak Emergency Information

Emergency Contact Information

If you wish to report a water emergency or get immediate information about an emergency in your area, call the Apple Valley Foothill CWD emergency contact numbers.

District Office760-247-1101
Emergency lines760-617-9115  and  760-881-9843   

Reporting an Emergency...
AVFCWD encourages customers to call to report emergencies immediately.  Your phone calls are critical to find the damage and make repairs as soon as possible. Please remember that each call will be evaluated, and a determination will be made if the repair must be made immediately. In some cases, repairs can take several days to allow time for properly investigating the problem and gathering the proper materials for the repair work.   The process begins with the operator asking questions to collect information about the location and severity of the situation. A maintenance crew worker will then be called out to evaluate the situation.

AVFCWD  will inform affected residents as soon as possible if a service disruption occurs. However, in some emergencies with unsafe conditions or property damage, there may be little or no opportunity to provide advance notice to customers.

Sometimes the presence of a crew in the area and low or changing water pressure are the only notices provided. 

Water Outages Please call 760-247-1101 or 760-617-9115, or 760-881-9843 to report an outage.  

During or after a waterline shutdown in your area, you may experience the following:

  •      Brown/discolored water
  •      Cloudy water/loud noises in plumbing pipes and fixtures from the air in the water lines. 

To resolve these issues, flush water lines in your home for 5 to 10 minutes. If conditions do not improve, contact AVFCWD at 760-247-1101 or 760-617-9115, or 760-881-9843.   Emergency Preparedness; AVFCWD encourages customers to be prepared for large-scale emergencies such as earthquakes, floods, or fires.